Thursday, September 25, 2008

Just an interesting thought...

Just an interesting thought... 
I have at this time, roughly $4,900.00 in debt added up because of costs from my documentary.
That isn't a complaint, just a statement. I have been very blessed by all the wonderful people, friends and strangers a like who have given me money to make this film. 
From $1,000 donations - (three so far) 
to spare change that was collected in a can at Just 4 Us in Ferndale on Nine Mile Road. 
And everything in between.

Today I read that 72 year-old John McCain paid a make-up artist $5,583.43 to apply make-up to his face.
One time.

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Tim said...

I think you have to take into account that without his makeup, John McCain is actually a 92 year old Korean woman.